BrainAuram - Brain Waves & Binaural Beat Therapy

Brain Wave  Binaural  Beat Therapy

A human is an electrical being. Millions of neurons interact with each other and create the consciousness we experience.
This interaction makes different brain waves in our brain which can be recorded by EEG 
Our consciousness can be in different states often called brain waves -.

There are five states of consciousness in which our brain can be.-
1)Delta - 0.5Hz–4Hz - When you are in deep sleep and body is healing.
2)Theta - 4Hz–8Hz - The state just before sleeps - (sleepiness)
3)Alpha - 8Hz–14Hz - When you are relaxed but aware and alert also
4)Beta - 14Hz–30Hz- When you do your daily activities, you are alert and focussed about your activity. 
5)Gamma 30 - 80 Hz - Higher-Order Information processing and cognitive learning.

BrainAural - Brain Waves & Binaural  Beat Therapy

Any imbalance in above brain state can lead us to problems in life.
Brain wave therapy is emerging sound wave healing.
The therapy uses binaural beats to make the brain on the ideal and desired brain wave state.

An imbalance in the delta state may lead to insomnia problems. Similarly more beta and gamma than alpha may produce stress and anxiety.

We have released a small app named BrainAuram - Brain Waves & Binaural  Beat Therapy which is all free and offline.

The app has different presets and sessions are chosen that can be used in day to day life to relax, meditate and sleep better. 
You can also make your own binaural beats with the background music
 and save them for future use.
It's all free.

You can check out the app at and let us know your feedback at -

Recommended -  
Plan your sessions for at least for 15-20 minutes and less than 30 minutes.
To get the benefits of binaural beats, It requires patience and persistence.
You can plan 
delta sessions before sleep for insomnia problems, 
alpha sessions for relaxation and meditation
beta sessions for focus and concentration.

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