Positive Affirmations To Say Everyday - 21 Days Change

Positive Affirmations To Say Everyday

As I start to write about affirmations I recall a very famous quote that is
 "Mind your thoughts for they become your words;   Mind your words for they become your actions;   Mind your actions for they become your habits;   Mind your habits for they become your character;  Mind your character for it becomes your destiny."
Affirmations can be a great way to access your subconscious mind.

Positive Affirmations To Say Everyday

Human Thoughts and Their Power

The journey of a desire/thought or positive outcome which you are looking for depends on how strong it is rooted in your mind and the extent up to which you believe it.

Affirmation is a statement which is repeatedly said or heard with full belief in order to deep root it in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind governs the actions performed by your conscious mind.

On average, a mind thinks about a thousand thoughts in an hour.

Think Good And Goodness will Come to you!

Most of us do ignore the power of our own thoughts and their influence in our reality.
It is us only who create the reality we experience through the kind of thoughts we think.

You may have found yourself sometimes repeating and complaining consistently about something that 

"this thing is not working for me", 
"I am not going to get this", 
"I am afraid of this", 
"I am not sure if I will be able to handle this".and so on...

These are not only included in your day to day conversations but at also those times when you are alone and depressed.

Complaining and constantly repeating something is the root cause of everything. You can eliminate these thoughts by being just having a positive approach.

Deep down you are affirming to something which you don't want to experience and that is going to become your reality because you are rooting the seeds of something that you don't want.
What you need to do is to plant positivity in your mind's garden, so shall you reap the positive outcome.

Types Of Thoughts 

There are two kinds of thoughts - constructive and destructive ones. 
The former one is the one that comes in the thinking process of successful people, their habits and ultimately visible in their actions.

While the destructive ones make you lose hope, feel timid, sad, fearful.

They make you feel bad about yourself.

if you know the art to transform destructive thoughts into positive ones, you know the art of success and eternal happiness.

Positive affirmations can be of great help in achieving this process.

When you are repeating positivity, it is working on your subconscious beliefs, your mind and the mind is the ultimate king who is making your actions and habits.

Now ok, I will be repeating positive affirmations for me but how long will it take? that again depends on your desire, your strong will and how confident are you while making your affirmations.

The famous Law of attraction works fine with affirmations also.
Fact - 
The beauty of the subconscious mind is that it is always awake and records everything.

Most of the things that happen in your life are governed by it. It is more than 95 percent of your physical brain.
Knowingly or Unknowingly we make our destinies and our life by thinking certain thoughts.

The Subconscious is the master of Reality

Our subconscious minds have no sense of humor, play no jokes, and cannot tell the difference between reality and an imagined thought or image. What we continually think about eventually will manifest in our lives. ~ Robert Collier in Tracy Friesen “Ride the Waves: How to Take Control of Your Life One Emotion at a Time"

What are binaural beats and how can it help in affirmations?

When one ear is listening to tone at some frequency and the other ear at a different one which is slightly less than the former.
The brain assumes them to one.

The brain comes to the same state as when in meditation while listening to these waves.

For this purpose, MindWire App has binaural beats 528 hertz  that can help you have the motivation and focus with your affirmations 

Psychology says if you repeat certain affirmations statements to your mind, for the consecutive period, the universe with 'you' as a medium makes it happen to you and becomes your experienced reality.

Check your mood before starting a session in the app and after listening check your mood again. You will notice the difference.

Salient Features - 

1)MindWire is an App that Has Affirmations in different Categories for prospering life.
2)It is a known fact that your mind is more sensitive to your voice. 
For this reason, the app gives you an ability to record Affirmations in Your Voice at any time. 
3)The recordings are stored in a custom folder in your device.
4)Who knows what you want from life and your goals other than you yourself.
App provides you a Your Personal Affirmations Diary where you can write modify your affirmations.
5)The good thing is that you can hear your affirmations with the 528 Hertz binaural sound wave that is known to act on the subconscious mind. The brain comes in the same state as in when it is meditation while listening to these sound waves.
6)You can rename, delete view and hear affirmations from within the app.
7)The app has a timer mode also so that you. it automatically stops when you fall asleep or complete the session. We recommend at least 3 - 7 minutes daily for a period of consecutive 21 days to see results.
8)You can also use ok google with the phrase - "Note to self" to save affirmation.

The app can be used when sleeping or relaxation or a few minutes before you start your day as a part of your daily routine. 

Keep Below Rules For Affirmations - 

  1. For the brain to get in sync with your affirmations. Record only when you can give your full attention to affirmation. But for listening to you can use it in sleeping mode also.better if you use earphones and practice in a calm and peaceful place.
  2. As we have integrated binaural beat also, to get the benefits of 528-hertz binaural beats, It is recommended to listen to your affirmations in relaxed mode.
  3. While moving to record another affirmation, take a long breath and say the affirmation. Give a Pause and record the second one and so continue in the same way. You may look device for ideas on your device. Then you can also look at the mirror and repeat and record what you want from yourself and your life. It's better to keep it short brief under 1-2 lines. stay calm and pay attention to the affirmation you are speaking. You can record multiple affirmations in single recording or single affirmation also.
  4. Pick a few affirmations and focus them onto next 2-3 weeks to see the result. To bring faster results to visualize the statement.
  5. Always say affirmations in the present tense
  6. Don't use negative words such as NOT, instead use affirmative sentences.
  7. Do not use words like want/wish or desire. Just believe everything you say with full confidence and visualize that you are what you want and listen to repeat mode.
  8. Stay confident whatever you speak. Say it like it is the ultimate truth you know. 
  9. Take this as an exercise for 3- 7 minutes daily for at least 21 days consecutive days. Listening for longer is a bonus itself.

Benefits Of Affirmations  Methodology

  • They reinforce your goals and help you achieve them.
  • Act as a motivation booster to move you one step closer to your dreams. It reminds yourself about your dreams and you will find new opportunities to accomplish them.
  • They create more constructive thoughts which make you a better and positive personality.
  • The cab is used against stress and anxiety.
  • They increase your focus power.
  • They help you build stronger, more intimate relationships with yourself and others also.
  • They improve feelings of wellness, appreciation happiness.


The subconscious has all the power you need to accomplish your dreams.Only one thing registers on the subconscious mind: repetitive application - practice. What you practice is what you manifest.
  • Fay Weldon 
The app can be a perfect tool to 
Build new habits. Grow yourself and improve your mindset.

In the land of your subconscious, if you want the seeds of affirmations to work and give fruits to your life. You need to think and practice it like exercise and consistently.

Now . . . today . . . this moment. 
Thank god for your life, be positive and hopeful.
And Start Making the kind of life you ever wanted. 

Go download the app and start Affirming positive today to attract positive changes in your life. 

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