5 Quotes From Sadhguru On Shiva : The Adiyogi

Lord Shiva Quotes: Sadhguru On Shiva

Vishnu is nobody but Shiva, and he who is called Shiva is but identical with Vishnu.— Skanda Purana, 1.8.20–21"

5 Lord Shiva Quotes: Sadhguru On Shiva


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Adiyogi: Lord of Yogis

Shaivism is one of the four main branches of the Hindu religion. Shiva is formless and limitless as per their beliefs.

He is considered pure consciousness and Absolute Reality. 

Shiva is formless and eternal. He is mostly worshipped in his lingam form. Lingam depicts the union of Shiva and Shakti. Twelve major temples of Shiva are called Jyotirlinga, which means "linga of light", and these are located across India.

He is the god of yogameditation, and arts. As a result, Shiva is also known as AdiyogiHe is the Lord of Yogis and the teacher of Yoga to sages.

He who sees himself in all beings,And all beings in him,attains the highest Brahman,not by any other means.Kaivalya Upanishad

DhyanLinga​ : Symbol Of Universal Welcome

Dhyanalinga temple is a space for meditation and yoga.
Temple construction took 3 years to complete. 
The place was open to the general public in the year 1999.
It is 13 feet and 9 inches in height. black granite was used for building Lingam.

The first door for the temple has symbols of various religious symbols.

  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Christianity
  • Sikhism
  • Jainism
  • Taoism
  • Judaism
  • Buddhism
  • Shinto
 In conclusion, The symbols describe a universal welcome. It gives a message of universal oneness and love.

Adiyogi Statue: Largest Bust Sculpture

Similarly, One of his noted work also includes designing a 112-foot statue of Adiyogi. The statue is located at the Isha Yoga Center. It was inaugurated on Mahashivaratri by honorable PM of India Narendra Modi.

The  Statue holds  Guinness World Records for  "Largest Bust Sculpture". A Shivalinga is also placed in front of the Adiyogi Shiva statue.
It is called  "Yogeshwar Linga".

Facts About Shiva

  1. Five is a sacred number for Shiva. One of his most important mantras has five syllables. - "Om Namah Shivaya"
  2. The statue of Shiva as Nataraja is also built at CERN in Geneva.
  3. Maha Sivaratri is an ancient Hindu festival which probably originated around the 5th-century.
  4. The Ganga one of the major rivers of the country is said to have made her abode in Shiva's hair.
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Shiva by David Frawley

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